Controlling Hair Fall: A Holistic Approach

You have Niagara Falls, water fall, and now hair fall. Hair fall is not an issue to begin with, unless you have been experiencing it unusually of late, with chunks of hair falling off and alarming the shit out of you. Earlier, it was presumed that hair fall was something which could only affect middle-aged or old people but now teens are also facing severe hair fall issues. If you want to know how to control hair fall, then you have to get to the root of the problem.

1. Usually, it’s seen that if young people have hair fall, it’s usually due to excessive use of chemicals and heat.

2. A poor diet and several environmental factors can also lead to hair fall.

If you are a man…

You may have to see a doctor as your issue could be genetic. Else, make sure you protect your scalp from long term exposure to sunlight, pollution and dust on a daily basis. You also must refrain from using hair gel every second day.

Are you a smoker? If so, the conditions which are leading to your hair fall issues can get aggravated.

If you are a woman…

Check your diet first. It should have a balanced amount of zinc and iron and your menstrual cycle must be regular. Also avoid using curling irons, straighteners and hair sprays on a daily basis. Basic remedies to control hair fall include a healthy diet, protecting the scalp from excessive oiliness and reduction of chemical use via hair products.

In order to achieve hair fall control, maintain a healthy lifestyle and use natural products for maximized results.